Nikki Roman
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 289

A vicious bully. An abusive, alcoholic mother. A father behind bars. High school Sophomore Bailey Sykes is just trying to make it through another day. But when life starts to spiral out of control, and the suffering she endures becomes too much to bear, she writes a list— a list that cannot be unwritten. This crumpled piece of paper is more terrifying than a knife or gun. The names are marked with small ovals, shaped like bullets— like the bullets Bailey plans to take their lives with. It’s as if by writing their names down, I have already taken their lives. I feel more normal and clear-headed than ever when reading over my Bullet List. I have used nothing but logic to create it, and what’s more logical than abolishing the people who hurt you most in this world? I have a list, an actual list of people who are going to die.WARNING: This book is not a lighthearted read. It is ...
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