Marie Cirano
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Pages: 121

Learn 20 sight words with fun sight word sentences and easy to use sight word flash cards.The 20 words in this lesson are: am, big, boat (& boats), funny, in, like, our, play, red, robin, so, sun, that, to, tree, under, water, we, with & yellowThe words we review from Lesson 1 are: and, boy, girl, I, is, little, said, the & upThis book is divided into four sections:- Sentences: This section is designed to teach your child to recognize sight words in a sentence. The five sentences in this book use the 20 words in this lesson.- Words (alphabetized) - Practice the sight words with flash cards.- Word Flash Cards then Sentences - Read the words in the sentence then read them all together.- Sentences then Word Flash Cards - Read the complete sentence, then read each word one at a time!So what are sight words?: Many of the most frequently used words in English are difficult to sound out and ...
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