Jim Cheskawich
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 233

The Maxwell Award winner in February 2014 as Best Single Breed Book in a Dog Writers Association of America competition. A Gold Medal winner (April 2013) for Best in Animals/Pets in a Global e-Lit competition. A Silver Medal winner (August 2013) in Animals/Pets-Nonfiction in a different Global E-Book competition. A real life hero dog to believe in! This is a historical biography on a pure-bred Samoyed who could do it all! Featured are award winning art work, colorful maps, and many historic black and white as well as color photographs. Rex lived from 1946-1957 in California and was involved in over 30 human rescues, served as lead dog on a U.S. mail run, set a world record in weight pulling, won many speed and freight races, worked on a movie set with John Wayne and appeared on TV, was a show dog, delivered Dr. Nelson to the snowbound passengers and crew aboard the City of San Francisco ...
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