Evan Klein
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 204

Quinly Dryfeet is a rogue, rapscallion, dabbler in wild magic, and lover of chaotic women. Fisherman, aka Dareni, is a barbarian, a sailor, and wanna be God killer. At times they are compatriots, other times friends, and in the bad times sworn enemies. In Tome One – The Bloodship – they are hired, along with the priestess Sansa Fine and half elf swordsman Kol Vom to explore the wreckage of the sunken ship hundreds of feet below the Camm Sea. There will be undead, and magic, and lots of good fights. Oh, and a pissed off god or two. This is the first Tome in the Dryfeet and Fisherman collection.
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4.5 stars from 7 ratings
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