Karl Wiggins
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 177

British Grit-LitThe world of the Cab Driver is uncertain and dangerousIt is populated by oddballs, weirdoes, comedians, eccentrics, head cases, prima donnas and hard cases. And they’re just the drivers. Enter the ludicrous, humorous and sometimes violent world of the London cab driver; you never know what to expect, and during my years driving cabs I got myself into some scrapes. Luckily I’ve met and befriended many characters along the way, and their stories deserve to be told. In the last third of the book, I recall my time spent driving cab in the projects of Watts, Los Angeles, home of the infamous Crips and Bloods, during the early 80’s. I’ve intended to paint an ominous picture of a community destroyed by drugs, guns and violence. You’ll almost smell the omnipresent whiff of cheap wine, and feel the dirty lino under your feet. Read the true life adventures of an English ...
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