Amie Nogrady
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 20

A top television executive announced that a new cooking show “Love Bites” is looking for a male and female chef that would star in their latest show. Jeff is tired of being a porn star. How he wished he could just quit and pursue what he really loves to do which is to cook and have his own cooking show. He devised a scheming plan that might have him land the male chef part in “Love Bites.”Mandy got fired as a chef. And the jerk that got her fired offered her a tempting offer to host the newest cooking show she finds hard to believe.Can Jeff say goodbye finally to his porn career? Will Mandy be able to get her career back on track? Will things cook up perfectly for Jeff and Mandy and made them not only the biggest stars in the newest cooking show but also as sizzling lovers for one another?
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