Pierre Shentag
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 37

Have you ever secretly considered getting a job programming computers? While it's nothing to be ashamed of, and many people go through this phase, these unhealthy thoughts should be stamped on before they develop into a full blown job application. This is an insider's view of this mysterious world, and explains in simple terms how a career in I.T. will lead to a lifetime of regret, misery, obesity, rickets, social alienation, nervous tics, Beriberi, sexual frustration, and terminal haemorrhoids. Every page is packed with useless information that could save you from a fate worse than death, such as:•Why your brain will seize from Repetitive Boredom Injury•How you’ll drown in a vat of nauseating jargon•Why you’ll forget how to paint, write, sing, speak or laugh•The dull, humourless, sexless clones you’ll be working with•Why you’ll become even more of a social ...
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