Ferris Robinson
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 45

Do you remember your first dog ...the way it somehow knew you alone were its person? There’s something about a dog’s companionship, and utter devotion, that eases the hard days and brings more joy to the good days. Entertaining, heartwarming and insightful, each of these true stories will trigger memories about the dogs you have loved, and no doubt, you will recognize your own dog in these stories. There’s a special bond between humans and their dogs, and as you read these stories, hopefully with a dog curled up on your lap or at your feet, you’ll appreciate the special connection dogs have with their humans. And us with them. Read it now. ‘"Dogs and Love” is not just about dogs. It's also about the "dog persons" who love them, spoil them, worry about them, grieve over them, rejoice over them, learn from them, and generally cannot live without them. This collection of stories is ...
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