Luis de Agustin
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 76

In this, the inaugural volume of Sniffer The Maltese comics, worldwide fans of the vain and cocky little canine are treated to the long awaited story of how their beloved dog-celebrity became world famous. The collection includes many other brand new comic strips featuring the charming little wise guy.In the main tale, mischievous Sniffer The Maltese has gotten himself into eight pounds of white-haired trembling trouble with the lady canines of his neighborhood. They’re after him, and it’s not to hold paws.Sniffer escapes to Rome only to face an even more dangerous misadventure in Roman Holiday, the comics collection that reveals to his worldwide fans the whole story behind his global fame. This volume of classy and vibrantly colored comic strips includes additional new shorts of Sniffer’s early days as the testy, swollen-headed, but always loveable little big guy. They show why ...
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