Kelli Jae Baeli
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 339

In a unique departure from the conventions of most serial fiction, this novel depicts the events of the previous book, Also Known as Syzygy, from the point of view of the women of The AKA Investigations team. -Lesbian Literati"I found the characters fun and very likeable. The storyline held my interest. Their backstory made me download the previous books to find out how they met and got to where they are in this book. I like Baeli's style and feel for keeping the story exciting while making the characters into real people I'd like to know. "Jobeth O'Brien discovers that even when she's out of commission, due to a back injury, there's no way she can stay out of the loop. Not when so much is going on in her household full of women.There's a disturbing theme to things though, when time after time she and Phoebe, Izzy and Ginger are forced to help women out of violent situations, and go ...
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