Patricia Finney
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 69

Got the novel-writing bug? If you absolutely have to write a novel, here’s how to do it successfully.Compulsive writing syndrome, or Writeritis, affects large numbers of people. Most of them want to write novels. Some of them start writing novels. But few of them finish writing their novels - and then publish them, and then sell enough to make writing another one seriously worthwhile. As would-be novelists quickly discover, it’s difficult enough to get started, but even more difficult to keep going to the end. Getting published isn’t as difficult as it used to be, thanks to the ebook revolution, but keeping readers interested is as problematic as it ever was. Patricia Finney has started, finished and published no fewer than 16 novels under her own name and others. She won the David Higham Prize for her first novel and has a long backlist of historical fiction; she now writes ...
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