Samantha Flores
Publisher: Samantha Flores
Pages: 111

Dangerous Animals of the Sea This is an interactive illustrated quiz book that offers children ages 9 – 12 a look at the many unique creatures that live under water. Reading this book you will be asked questions each with 3 possible answers. Click on one answer and your device will tell you if you got right.This collection of trivia questions, explores a wide range of common and truly unique aquatic life.These questions go beyond the basic animals that first come to mind. While there are questions on sharks, stingrays and even jelly fish, children will also have a chance to learn and explore the yellow sea anemone and the striped surgeonfish.Some of the questions you will find in this book include:- What speed can the dangerous barracuda swim?- How many venomous species of fish live in the seas of the world?- How many teeth will a shark have in its lifetime?Children will find that the ...
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