Joseph Anderson
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 331

The Monster Slayer Series One, all five novels in a complete set.Origins - The introduction to the series and its main characters: Kate and Calder. Kate awakens in her home to find that she has deliberately erased her memories. She is dropped into her past life with only a brief note explaining her name, her occupation, and a warning "do not trust Calder."Vampire Season - The second novella finds Kate dealing with vampires for the first time: a threat that hides in plain sight and can blend in with the humans around them. Harkam's Bridge finds two of its townsfolk murdered by the monsters and calls on Kate to protect them; however, not every monster can be confronted so easily. There are many suspects and, most troubling of all, secrets that her past self left behind.The Immortal Demon - Otis Smith, a serial killer that returns from the dead, is hounding the village of Thandor. Each ...
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