John Lock
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 236

The wreckage of a Roman ship has been discovered in the mud of the Bristol Channel, in the west of England. The sailing ship seems to contain many pots and some of these are full of scrolls, old documents that are hard to decipher or understand, but may contain secrets, revelations which may threaten the position of the Christian religion itself. Donny is a Secret Agent and happy to work for the government on whatever madcap mission they select for him, but protecting shards of old pottery is a first for him. He needs his partner Delia to bring him down to earth; after all, she studied archaeology and has some inkling of how valuable these dusty old artefacts might actually be. That, and the fact that she seems to keep on getting into harm's way, that is the main reason Donny is spurred into action: he would do anything for Delia, and has to prove his skills and courage repeatedly, when ...
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