Peggy Webb
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 146

“Snappy dialogue, sensual reminiscences, and a two-level performance of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew enliven this delightfully romantic story. Peggy Webb delivers again!” The Paperback Forum“It’s a pleasure to see a marvelous set of lovers who always meet on equal ground.” Romantic Times“Peggy Webb is a comic genius.” NYT bestselling author Charlotte HughesBrick and Helen Sullivan had been a team, onstage and off. When she walked out of their marriage without an explanation, he swore he’d never play another role with her, in the bedroom or otherwise. But Fate brings them together to reprise their roles in The Taming of the Shrew, and the sparks begin to fly. Laugh – and cry – as the famous and lively lovers try to untangle a web of misunderstanding and find their way back to the place where they belong. (Forever Friends, Book 1. Book 2 is Only His Touch).
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