Prof. Tiptoe
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 40

&lth3>"This is a very delightful read, bringing to light in a fun way, a situation that is played over and over again in all families. The illustrations definitely bring alive what is happening, colorful and bold. The characters are just different looking enough to draw your attention to them. I believe every child, and parent, will be able to identify with this story and will giggle through it. A great sharing tale and one that will show parents and children, in this situation they are not alone. Recommended".​​Shirley Johnson/Senior ReviewerMidWest Book Review​* * * &lth2&gtHello children, hello family.&lth3&gtWhen I was a little boy, I always had trouble falling asleep. As it seemed, this "gift" passed on to my kids, so I had to invent special ways to make them sleep in time...This book, written with the help and guidance of child development experts, and brilliantly ...
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