Robert A. Smith
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 367

If you wanted to get rich, and let's assume you do, would you rather take advice from a poor, money-loathing poet or a Forbes 500 listed entrepreneur? As you are about to find out, the rich have a distinct way of thinking about money. And it is precisely this unique relationship with money that is the secret to their financial success.Forget pyramid schemes, internet marketing or stock investing. Your road to financial independence begins by matching your beliefs about --and attitude toward-- money to those of the richest and most business-savvy people on the planet. These carefully selected quotes by billionaire tycoons, successful writers, inventors and Hollywood stars will make you ponder your old convictions about money, have you nod your head in agreement, make you laugh out loud and inspire you to take meaningful action. With enough quotes to last you one year, this ebook helps ...
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