Sherry Janes
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 523

The ancient and mysterious Book of Persivann, hidden by the Santiagos in the misty peaks of the Venezuelan Andes, lays waiting for its secrets to be discovered. Just before they travel to Christina’s home in the U.S., Rafe has a terrifying shaman’s journey, where he receives a warning and is chased through the rain forest by something dark and unholy. Once in Minnesota, long-held secrets about Christina and her sister, Ellen’s ancestry are revealed and explain why the most powerful dark force being on the planet wants them and the Book of Persivann. The dark creature is Ahriman, a fallen angel living on Earth in human form as the ruthless and powerful master of darkness. His true goal is too horrible to contemplate, and he believes the Book holds the secrets he needs to carry it out. An all-out attack by Ahriman and his army of flying creatures succeeds in capturing Christina and ...
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