Jess Riley
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 108

With appeal for fans of Jonathan Tropper and Emily Giffin, this quirky novella from the author of Driving Sideways follows two people who are perfect for each other ... if only they would meet.Personal chef Harper and aspiring writer Zach have never met, but they see one another at the same stoplight every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on their morning commutes. Harper turns left, Zach turns right, and gradually, they each begin to wonder about the person they see every other morning. The person with the smile that could fuel an empty heart for miles. Reminiscent of Attachments and Sliding Doors, Closer Than They Appear is an irreverent, sweet mix of lad lit and chick lit. A charming "he said, she said" comedy of missed connections that will fill your heart with the wistful hope and secret joy of a nearly impossible crush.BONUSES: This novella also includes ten vegetarian recipes ...
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