David Deley
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
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HTML is the language e-books are written in. Any file you send to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, no matter what the format, eventually gets converted to HTML at some point. Thus, to have complete control over the formatting of your book, HTML is the language to use.HTML is easy and simple if you do it yourself. This book has many examples, starting with the simplest book that just says, "Hello world!" It gives examples showing how to make spans of text italic, bold, underlined, strikethrough, how to make text large or small, select a monospace font, designate paragraphs, add a chapter title, make the title large, and center the title.We'll build up our repertoire of concepts and skills, one step at a time, as we slowly and gently grow our book. We will finish with a book in the Open Publication Format (OPF), which is the input format for Amazon's KindleGen program. We also cover the ...
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