Kris A. Wenzel
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 71

Keep your child safe while he or she plays on your iPad or iPhoneMany families have an iPad for children to use for games and videos. Many don’t realize that it is easy for them to access age inappropriate material. In today’s internet environment it is more important than ever to understand, limit, and protect our children from inappropriate and adult related pictures, movies, music, and books.Learn how to properly set up an Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch so that your child is able to use it and you’re confident they won’t access any inappropriate materials. This book is meant to show you how to properly secure your phone so that it is physically protected, to find it if lost, and to make it safe for your child to play games, use apps, and surf the Internet.The book covers all makes of iPads, iPhones, and Apple iPod touches which run Apple iOS 6. It is meant to help you with ...
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