Sam J. Charlton
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 275

Three brothers. One epic destiny. Get lost in the world of Palâdnith, and embark on an Epic Fantasy adventure. Thirty years after the mysterious disappearance of their mother, cataclysmic events force Seth, Eni and Val Falkyn to abandon their old lives and identities, and run for their lives. Hunted by assassins, each brother embarks on a journey across a land torn by political turmoil and the threat of war. Along the way, each man must face his personal demons and fears. Help comes from unlikely sources but, in the end, it is Seth, Eni and Val's own strength, determination and courage that will decide their fates.Book One of the exciting Palâdnith Chronicles series, JOURNEY OF SHADOWS was shortlisted for both the Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2014 and the OZMA Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2016. Fans of classic Epic Fantasy Adventure and High Fantasy in the style of J.R.R Tolkien ...
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