Susan Critton
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 38

Your purchase of My Ticket to Paradise: Expat Snapshots of Isla Taboga directly supports the community health clinic on Isla Taboga, an island of about a thousand that overlooks the Pacific side of the Panama Canal. All proceeds from the sales of this book help fund an initiative to buy glucose monitors (plus needles and strips) for the twenty-three or so diabetics living here. Glucose monitors are an integral part of successful diabetes management and will allow the islanders to test their glucose levels when the clinic is not open.Those of us who contributed stories wanted to lend a hand beyond donating money. We wanted to invest some of our creative resources too. It’s easy enough to donate money, but far more rewarding, we find, to donate our hearts and minds. Hence this book. Our personal stories capture a small slice of our lives on Isla Taboga. As you’ll read for yourself ...
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