Liam Wolford
Publisher: Liam Wolford
Pages: 188

This a comprehensive book about serious racial, social, economic, environmental and political issues. One of the main themes is reverse prejudice and the absurdity of political correctness. Political correctness was designed to prevent discrimination, oppression and abuse. However, it is getting so far out of hand that it is endangering the very existence of the U.S. and other first world nations. Consistently racism is associated with whites; in large part, because of the history of whites and how they treated other races. The most notable examples would be the systematic killing of millions of Jews by the Nazis and the African slave trade. However, racism has taken on a new face in recent decades and this book goes beyond political correctness and looks at the world and the people in it honestly and without the veil of political correctness that hides that truth. An example is how ...
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