George Chedzoy
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 189

SUMMER PROMOTION: Kindle edition: 99p in Britain (usual price £1.99) and minimum price on all other market places. Offer ends: July 31st, 2019.It's the last week of the summer holidays and 12-year-old Lou Elliott and her friends Jack, also 12, and his younger siblings David and Emily go camping on farmland near the historic city of Lichfield in Staffordshire - hunting for missing treasure. Bookworm David believes that a long-lost Anglo Saxon hoard of gold and silver remains undiscovered near where the world-famous Staffordshire Hoard was dug up in 2009. The others think that’s unlikely but it's a good excuse to get together again and have fun away from the grown-ups. Emily is scared they’ll encounter danger again. The others reassure her, but who knows? And when 14-year-old farmer’s daughter Becky takes a dislike to them, there's sure to be trouble brewing of some kind.Children's ...
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