Bernard M. Cox
Publisher: Bernard M. Cox
Pages: 25

It's never a good idea for sociologists to fall in love with someone they're studying-especially if they're alien sociologists.Node AR1x40 lives his life on Earth as human Javier Flores, observing and reporting on human behavior as part of The Commonality's sociological study. When he meets Theo Zedek, a pastry chef and owner of the La Chanson Cafe, Node AR1x40 violates the main parameter of the experiment--he falls in love. And their love may ruin far more than his career.Told in the style of a scientific research paper, La Chanson de l'Observation is the third in The Space Within These Lines Collection of romantic magical realist, fantasy, and science fiction stories exploring memory and loss in an effort to show that which connects all people, the power of love.This story was first published in Issue 8 of A cappella Zoo, was chosen by guest editor Gina Ochsner for Issue 10, The Best ...
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