William Donohue
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 277

Jim Johnson could be any man in Everytown, America. It happens that he is a 50 year old Dean of Students, a husband and parent of three children. Unfortunately, he is also one of the 5 million American’s with Alzheimer’s disease. His diagnosis comes very early in his life, when progress of the disease is most swift. This is his first person report, and the reflections of his wife, Deanna. "September" shares the nuanced transition from caring dean to care-giver dean, and from caring family members -- which include a techie son, college-bound daughter and younger daughter with Down syndrome -- to dedicated team of care-givers. Their syncopated grief and confusion mirror the Dean's own challenges with his parents a generation earlier. Jim Johnson becomes the increasingly reluctant care recipient as he races against time and disease to capture his family and career memories. Johnson's ...
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