J.L. Murray
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 190

As he was killed, the god of fire unleashed a burst of flame that consumed half the world.After the fire, in a forest surrounded by high mountains, Eleniwas born with a phenomenal power. In fear of her abilities, the terrified villagers imprison her during the day, and allow her out only at night to hunt and kill the dark creatures that prowl in the dense forest.But an unusual visitor from the Islands in the West has appeared; a man with a gift just as strange as hers. He tells Eleni that she is the new goddess of fire, born from the ashes, and that she is in great danger. The god-eaters are taking the gods, one by one. And they are growing stronger.Entangled between the Fates, the gods, and a world submerged in chaos, Eleni must choose her own path, a path that will affect the future of the world...or the end of it. With no clear direction, even the Fates have lost sight of the world's ...
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4.5 stars from 26 ratings
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