Kit Tinsley
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 332

CONTAINS BONUS SHORT STORYBeneath is a terrifying horror novel.Dan Martin and his family move into a new home. Soon they discover an ancient chamber buried below the house. As the secrets of the area's dark history come to light the family begin to experience frightening supernatural phenomena. Hooded apparitions stalk their garden at night, an unseen hand carves messages on their walls, and most disturbing, their neighbours start to die.Opening the chamber has released a dark and evil force that existed eons before man. Can Dan Martin, a scientist, accept the existence of the paranormal in order to stop it? Can he protect his family? Violence, horror and death combine in a nerve shredding climax. Will they survive what dwells beneath?This is the debut novel by English writer Kit TinsleyNOTE- This is a 2nd edition of this book, it has been professionally edited, and all reviews that ...
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