Gordan Runyan
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10 page article.     American culture is buzzing with heated debates on the Second Amendment, gun control, and the rights of individual citizens to use firearms to defend themselves. In the wake of the mass shooting in Newtown, CT, the administration is proposing draconian new gun laws that would almost certainly eventuate in the loss of all privately owned firearms. As Christian citizens hear those debates, and participate in them, it ought to be our priority to follow the principles of Scripture, rather than the opinions of man. This article from pastor Gordan Runyan and the Happy Siege publishing club is meant to arm you with the principles of the Word of God. If your right to defend yourself and your family is a right that comes from God, then no man and no government has the right to take that from you. What does the Bible say?      [tags: free ebook, free kindle book, gun ...
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