Luna Challis
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 65

LUNA AND HER FRIENDS BATTLE THE BAD MANWith my four young friends I battle the Bad Man who is becoming totally mad and tries to shoot me with a gigantic shot gun.The people and animals of Charleston are terrified, but the forces of good are gathering quickly.In this sequel to my Autobiography I introduce you to the boys of the Gang of Four. It represents my transition from an inexperienced super cat to the master detective I become later on.You also meet Charlie, the harmless ten year old intruder who is terrified that the police will get him. Charlie is a fugitive from injustice who is falling through the cracks in society; can he land on his feet? We discover the connection between Charlie and the Bad Man. With color pictures.This book is most suitable young people aged from 7 to 16 although I hope everyone will read it.
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