Steve Goldsack
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 256

Years have passed since the events of Dying Wishes, Ben and Ricky continue their lives as best they can with Ben’s health failing. With Tom gone Ricky and Ben have each other, for the old man Ricky is a godsend to Ricky, Ben is a father he never had and as his health deteriorates caring for him means everything.Troy is a man on a mission, more than half his life has been spent behind bars and he has big dreams but no prospects of his own. Until Devon, his childhood friend develops a plan and his eyes are turned towards a treasure he feels is his birthright.A cast of criminals, crooked lawyers and crack addicts join together to steal Ben’s mythical collection of rare vinyl and more besides. Unlikely heroes emerge and help comes from unexpected quarters as Ricky strives to defend what’s right. If those who sought to take Ricky on thought he was going to roll over and surrender they ...
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