Bj Knights
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 59

Wow! Over 3000 copies downloaded! Thanks for all the great feedback and reviews! Join the crowd and learn how to fight those tough stains once and for all! Busy moms are constantly battling stains and spills on fabric, clothes, and other household items. A household full of youngsters will test any mom's ability to fight stains. We put this book together to help you tackle each and every stain we could possibly think of. These are tried and true methods that will help you remove even the most stubborn stain. We will teach you numerous techniques that will remove all sorts of stains on fabric, clothing, and even carpets.Most of the tips and techniques that we will teach you in this book deal with everyday household ingredients. We avoid harsh chemical treatments and use them only as last resorts. Many of the tips and techniques you will find in this book are ...
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