Rik Kory
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 73

Our story begins in the present day, on Saturday March 2, 2013, and finds our hero Byshopp, a young student at the Genius Lair School For Gifted Children at his wits end with the incessant abuse of his special ability by the Acting Headmaster. He has no memories before his first day at the Academy and has no choice but to accept it without question. When a mission requires him to risk his life to save the life of a teenage boy ordained to be the one who will save the earth from an upcoming extinction level event, he is taken on a journey through his past memories and into the past where he meets Ruben, his best friend brother and receives a chance to right one terrible wrong he had committed years before. After much struggles, he returns to the present to find himself in loads of trouble and that he and Ruben have been sentenced to death! Will these two young boys, trained to use their ...
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