Bradley Clemens
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 81

Want a new, fast and efficient way to breed more animals?Wouldn't it be great to have a compact cooker that doesn't destroy your meat after?Cannons and combination locks in your Minecraft mansion, isn't that amazing?Here is the perfect book for you! Minecraft: Guide to Amazing Redstone Devices (Part II) will take you through step-by-step in creating devices and contraptions that will make your life easier and more exciting in Minecraft. Following the great success of it's predecessor 'Minecraft: Guide to Amazing Redstone Devices', Part II has even more in store for you.By following this guide, you will learn the concept and the logic on how to apply the use of Redstone to more extravagant structures. Minecraft players should not be intimidated by the functional aspect of these devices. This guide has full illustrations alongside each step explaining thoroughly for players of all levels. ...
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