Jane Starwood
Publisher: Jane Taylor Starwood
Pages: 22

Short Story (7,000 words)When Earle Calhoun, her no-account drunk of a husband, dumps her tunafish salad on the kitchen floor because it doesn’t taste like his mama’s, Tanny Rose decides it’s time to catch the next bus heading away from Sweet Gum, Texas. With time to kill before she gets on the bus, she goes to say goodbye to her beloved Aunt Dee, who raised her after her folks passed on. Aunt Dee gives Tanny Rose her precious Wedding Ring quilt and then walks her back to the bus station, where Earle is waiting for her with fire in his eyes. Tanny Rose thinks she’s in for it for sure, but then her Aunt Dee steps in and teaches Earle Calhoun a lesson he won’t soon forget.
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