Tatiana Bandurina
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 39

A funny music theory lesson for kids about a Staff and the Treble Clef author begins a series of books Little Music Lessons for Kids. The main "teacher" in this and all the other 10 lessons is a puppy, who lives in a musical family and knows a lot of short stories.A puppy and cute pictures in this music lesson are sure to attract the attention of your child. And if you want to move the content of a lesson in real life, for this purpose, the author has made a step by step instruction guide at the end of the music lesson for parents. It is written so simply that you do not need any special education! You will also learn how to help your child practice with pleasure and consolidate the new knowledge.This children book is for kids from three to five years old.Click the "BUY NOW" button to start your adventure!
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4.5 stars from 25 ratings
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