Alan Bullington
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 93

Handcrafting Artisan Solid Shampoo Bars From Your KitchenAre you about ready to dump those commercial shampoos that you've been using? Have you tried just about every shampoo and conditioner combination there is, without liking any of it? Are you wondering what those ingredients in your shampoo really are? There are other ways to better hair and scalp health!The no-shampoo method of hair care is all the rage right now and for good reason. Getting rid of commercial shampoo sounds like a great idea once you realize what's in those bottles. This book, written by author Alan Bullington, presents a plan to you for switching to a no-shampoo alternative: solid shampoo bars. Once seen as a convenient way to carry shampoo while traveling, these solid shampoo bars are actually an important way to go "no-poo" and still keep your hair and scalp looking and feeling clean and healthy. Producing these ...
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