Cherry Allen
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 26

NEW--get all 3 stories in this series at a bargain price. Get The Complete Amber Trilogy, A Reluctant BDSM Love Story at hated Greg when he was briefly her mom's boyfriend. But a few years later she's short on college funds and decides he's the only one left she can turn to for a loan. In exchange for the money, Greg wants her submission and a summer of kinky, BDSM sex. And Amber really wants to go to college . . . .This short erotic story is about 8,300 words long and intended for mature readers.This first story in the Submissive Summer trilogy details Amber's reluctant BDSM adventure when she agrees to become Greg's obedient sex slave and discovers the joys of a spanking, good oral sex and submission. Future stories include sex in public, a threesome of sorts (but not quite), gloryholes, plenty of sex toys, sex machines, anal play and more. There's even a ...
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