Tim Carter
Publisher: Tim Carter
Pages: 49

New Dog ChecklistAll you need to know and do when you get a new Adult Dog. Edition 6. In Checklist format to tick off. Convenient and concise!o "Down to Earth Real Advice - Must Read"o "Essential for bringing a new member into your pack"o "Tim Carter has a no nonsense practical approach to explaining the 'how' and 'why' of how dogs think and what actually works"o "It is packed with information you can use and will save you time, money and energy"o "This book is a "must read" for anyone considering obtaining a new dog"o "Good guide for all family members"o "Comprehensive and handy!"With this Checklist you can relaxGo through it and check as needed, and you'll know you haven't forgotten anything. Because, being prepared is everything - particularly with a new adult dog from a prior owner or shelter!Avoid dog problemsDogs are forgiving but not forgetful!Note that this is not a lengthy ...
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