Becky Corwin-Adams
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 100

Life was never boring in Defiance! Excerpt: "Our class went to the school library for a research project. As I was looking for a book, a note that was folded up like a football flew over the top of a six-foot-high bookshelf and landed at my feet. It was a request for my friend Cindy and me to go on a double date with Randy and his best friend, Tim. The following day, a five-pound bag of sour balls mysteriously appeared in my locker, along with another note requesting a date. I found out where Randy's locker was and returned the candy, along with a note saying that Cindy and I had to work on Friday night, so we could not go on a date with them.A day or two later, the persistent guys asked where we worked, and I told them we worked at Murphy's in Defiance. (I actually did work there, but Cindy didn't have a job.) I thought that was the end of them, until they showed up at Murphy's on ...
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