Stephen Battaglio
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 27

Election Night: 1960 by Stephen Battaglio is a fascinating and revealing look at the 1960 political contest between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon through the lens of NBC News. Drawing from the extensive NBC archives, Battaglio presents the drama and results by selecting a number of the most memorable moments of the evening, including Nixon’s premature concession and Kennedy’s victory speech. Also featured throughout are photos and memorabilia from the 1960 campaign. This edition of the 1960 election evening is meant to give those interested in presidential politics a real sense of how the process was covered at the start of a new decade. Election Night: A Television History: 1948 - 2012, also available, is a must read for history buffs, political junkies, television enthusiasts and anyone interested in discovering how every four years our nation elects the President of the ...
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