Carole Asselin
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 51

PaintShop Pro is a powerful graphic program used by photographers, artists, web designers, scrapbookers and more. This program has a lot of great tools but also many hidden ways to use the program more effectively. After working with Paintshop Pro for over 10 years, I have discovered and used many tips and tricks to help with my workflow. This book includes 101 of those tips that you can use in any project, whatever version of Paintshop Pro you are using. - find out how you can work faster, and even skip some steps: you can get a new layer in one single click; you can repeat a command over and over with one keyboard shortcut; zoom in and out without clicking on the zoom tool; etc.- discover how you can use your favorite tools with increased precision: use exact placement of the guidelines; draw a really straight line without a ruler; rotate exactly how much you want, without guessing ...
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