Judith Turnbridge
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Is coconut oil really a “cure-all”?If so, then how can it help you?Find out the answers to these, and more, in the new easy-to-use guide Nature’s Miracle Elixir: The Essential Benefits of Coconut Oil.Coconut oil is organic, pure, and not filled with chemical additives which are so often found in other products. Its many uses and healing properties have been known for millennia throughout Asia and it’s only now that its amazing health benefits are being discovered by those in the West.In Nature’s Miracle Elixir you’ll learn the truth about the science behind this amazing oil as we delve behind the hype and compare the results of legitimate research to give you the answers. Not only will you learn the truth behind the negative press on saturated fat, but you’ll also find the answers to these and other questions:What’s the difference between coconut milk, coconut oil and ...
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