Joe Camp
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 134

What if you discovered that you could eliminate most if not all of your horses’ health, hoof, and behavior problems by doing one thing. Seriously. One single thing.Joe & Kathleen Camp have eight horses. Three mustangs straight out of the wild, a rescued American Saddlebred, two Arabians, a paint and a quarter horse. And at their farm there is no colic, no laminitis, no strangles, no insulin resistance, no ulcers, no founder, no navicular issues, no cribbing, pawing, kicking, weaving, pacing, or biting.How did they accomplish all this? By eliminating stress. They banished it. Sent it packing. And you can too. Joe never intended to write a book, never mind several. He and Kathleen were just trying to figure out how to keep and care for a small group of horses that had somehow landed quite unexpectedly in their front yard. They were two complete neophytes who, a few short months before ...
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