Rebecca Singingbird
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 38

-----------------------------------------------------CAT ADVENTURES WITH BEEBALL AND BITTABOO! DESCRIPTION-----------------------------------------------------My oh my!, This fun children's rhyming book uses real pictures to encourage children to read.BeeBall and BittaBoo are two cats, actually a mother and her kitten. Around every corner there is a new adventure. Your child will want to turn the page as it engages them to discover what the next page turn brings."Cat Adventures with BeeBall and BittaBoo" is written in rhyme and so it makes for reading fun.This fun picture book is so much fun for kids. And while they are having fun, they are learning to read.Picture books for children are a wonderful way to keep children entertained and "Cat Adventures with BeeBall and BittaBoo" does just that.Please note: This book is 37 landscape pages, not 3 as is indicated above.Be sure to check out ...
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