Erika Ilves
Pages: 200

What should our generation do to advance the ongoing human project? THE HUMAN PROJECT is an intellectual adventure into the future of our species and an invitation to reach for the stars. Literally. Think of the ongoing human project as an inter-generational relay. How is our generation—all of us living at the beginning of the 21st century—doing in our leg of the journey? Today we can’t give a good answer. We are mostly making it up as we go.But what if we put some serious thought into it? Our unprecedented connectivity and access to knowledge makes it easier than ever. So let’s look as far into the future as our knowledge allows. Let’s lay out all the known challenges to our existence and opportunities for our evolution. Then, let’s step back and think: Where do we want to take the human project and why? What are the most important contributions our generation can make during our brief ...
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