Anbu Rayappan
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 73

Have You Seen A White Elephant?No? How about going on an adventurous journey through the jungle with your pet white elephant?Noi, our hero, went on a wild, adventurous journey with his pet elephant. Both were naive and young. How did they manage to escape from the jungle animals?What dangers did they face? Who helped them?The animals they encountered were, Buffalo, Turtle, Rhino, Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Squirrel, Parrots, Snake, Bats, Bear, etc.Some were amazingly friendly and helpful. Others were not so friendly. Eager to find out who they were?Join with Noi and Little Chang, the White elephant and have a fun journey.If you have never been to Thailand, it is your perfect chance.You are going to see the beautiful, scenic paddy field with the coconut trees, wild river in the middle of the jungle, thundering waterfall, relaxing raft ride on the river, dense jungle with the tall trees, a ...
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