Anbu Rayappan
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 57

Have You Ever Been To the African Safari?If you have been, I am sure, you might have seen the Lions and the Zebras.How about the Dragons? Did you see them? Here is a chance to see them in this adventure filled family vacation story.Tommy and Lily are having adventure of their lives.They never imagined that they would have a chance to ride the Fiery but Friendly Dragons.How did the escape from Sand Storm?---They were riding on the back of the dragons and flying. All of a sudden, a sand storm appeared. Now what happened to them? Did they fall from Dragons due to Sand Storm?Is Draco The Dragon Lord a friend or foe leading them to Dragons?--- How did they meet Draco, the Dragon Lord? Is he a good guy?Did the Angry Angel let Tommy go?---Why was the angel upset with Tommy? Did she let go off Tommy?Did the Angel find Whip The Elf?--- What happened to Whip the Elf? Who took him away?Who took ...
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