Derick Campbell
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 227

“Post-mortem living humans have rights too!”The unfortunate consequence of an incredible scientific breakthrough, evolved zombies have fewer emotions and greater primal urges than average humans. They can still speak and reason, learn and recognize, plan and co-ordinate. They have a sharp sense of humor, without the social filter that people are generally conditioned to put in place. They can become aggressive when hungry and violent when aroused or scared. Many evolved zombies are affected in somewhat unique ways. Some of them were closer in behavior to “traditional” zombies than most people suspected or hoped.Evolved zombies now live and work with normal humans, and have introduced new socio-economic classes for society to deal with – with behaviors far from norm. Polite society isn’t adequately prepared.My name is Rob Stack, and I work with the Infected Affairs Bureau of ...
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